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whole text ->Petr Mach: The euro duel: an optimist versus a skeptic

On the brink of its 10th anniversary, the common European currency faces its first real test. CBW invited two experts with opposing views to evaluate how it has performed so far under the pressure of the financial crisis as well as to predict what awaits the eurozone. The optimistic perspective is presented by the macroeconomic strategist of Československá obchodní banka, who at the time of writing is a candidate for the post ofminister of finance, Tomáš Sedláček (pictured, page 51). The skeptical position is delivered by PetrMach (pictured, page 52), the director of the think tank Center for Economics and Politics (CEP) and the expected front man of the future conservative party with a close affiliation to President Václav Klaus.

Czech Business Weekly, 12.01.2009

whole text ->Petr Mach: Financial Crisis and the Treaty of Lisbon

There are two things in this plan, in addition to its Keynesian economic nature, that one should take note of: First, the European Commission has no EUR 200 billion, and so it actually expects that the money will be spent by the individual member states upon the Commission’s call. This implies the second, that the Commission acts as if the Lisbon Treaty, which was supposed to give the European Council a mandate to set guidelines for the economic policies of the individual member states, were already in effect.

Petr Mach, 06.01.2009

whole text ->Petr Mach: Commissioner Almunia s views should be a warning to EU states considering euro-zone membership

Joaquin Almunia’s call for more coordination and surveillance of "economic policies in a broader sense" would only deepen the democratic deficit already built into the Union. Member states today take half of their legislation from the EU, so if "economic policy in a broader sense" were dictated by Brussels too, why bother holding national elections at all?

Europe s World, Autumn 2008, 14.10.2008

whole text ->Petr Mach: American Financial Crisis – Failure of State Regulation

Euro, 08.10.2008

whole text ->Petr Mach: Net contributors and net recipients of EU money

In 2007 the biggest net contributors to the EU budget were the taxpayers of Luxembourg contributing EUR 438 per head over what they received. The biggest net recipients were the taxpayers of Greece receiving EUR 470 per capita over what they paid.

www.cepin.cz, 05.09.2008

whole text ->Petr Mach: How to read the Lisbon Treaty

Executive Director of the Center for Economics and Politics and advisor to Czech President, Peter Mach, argues that the Czech government, like other governments of the other EU Member States, did not introduce to the Parliament the consolidated version of the Treaty of Lisbon specifying what had been chnaged as it is common with ordinary Bills. Thus the Czech government, Peter Mach suggests, is in fact selling a pig in a poke.

The European Journal, July 2008, 04.07.2008

whole text ->Václav Klaus: The Other Side of Global Warming Alarmism

The transition from communism to a free society is over, and not only in my country. We may have reservations about developments in some of the former communist countries but I disagree with the attempts to look at those countries with a misleading optics of fighting communism there even now. It is a mistake and I am afraid a slightly snobbish position as well.

Chatham House, London,, 17.11.2007

whole text ->Petr Mach: Do Not Bequeath Anything to the Government If You Do Not Want to Turn in Your Grave!

In the first part of the article we will remember the last will of Alfred Nobel; in the second part we will describe the specifics of the Nobel Peace Prize, which is decided and awarded by politicians; in the third part we will address the issue of the so-called Nobel Price in Economics, which – unlike the other prizes – is funded by the taxpayers; in the fourth part we will consider the institute of the last will and inheritance from the perspective of the government’s role and the individual freedom.

Laissez-Faize, 27.10.2007

whole text ->Václav Klaus: What Is Endangered: Climate or Freedom?

I did not expect to come here again and especially in the position I hold now. It was in the dark communist days. It was at the end of the short but promising era of the Czechoslovak Prague Spring and it was my first and at the same time last visit to your beautiful country for the next 20 years. The collapse of communism in November 1989 changed everything. Freedom and democracy which followed as a result of our radical systemic change made us a totally different country, free and prosperous, member of the European Union and NATO, and a good friend and close ally of the United States of America.

Council for National Policy Conference, Salt Lake City, 27.09.2007

whole text ->Petr Mach: Castro criticises Bush. And he is right.

On Thursday 29 March 2007, the Cuban leader Fidel Castro wrote an editorial to the Communist Party newspaper, Granma, in which he criticises the US environmental policy. The title goes: "More than three billion people in the world condemned to premature death from hunger and thirst".

Blog Petra Macha http://blog.aktualne.centrum.cz/blogy/petr-mach.php?itemid=310, 02.04.2007
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