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whole text ->Petr Mach: Financial Crisis and the Treaty of Lisbon

There are two things in this plan, in addition to its Keynesian economic nature, that one should take note of: First, the European Commission has no EUR 200 billion, and so it actually expects that the money will be spent by the individual member states upon the Commission’s call. This implies the second, that the Commission acts as if the Lisbon Treaty, which was supposed to give the European Council a mandate to set guidelines for the economic policies of the individual member states, were already in effect.

Petr Mach, 06.01.2009

whole text ->Petr Mach: The euro duel: an optimist versus a skeptic

On the brink of its 10th anniversary, the common European currency faces its first real test. CBW invited two experts with opposing views to evaluate how it has performed so far under the pressure of the financial crisis as well as to predict what awaits the eurozone. The optimistic perspective is presented by the macroeconomic strategist of Československá obchodní banka, who at the time of writing is a candidate for the post ofminister of finance, Tomáš Sedláček (pictured, page 51). The skeptical position is delivered by PetrMach (pictured, page 52), the director of the think tank Center for Economics and Politics (CEP) and the expected front man of the future conservative party with a close affiliation to President Václav Klaus.

Czech Business Weekly, 12.01.2009
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