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whole text ->Petr Mach: Joining EU Would Limit Individual Freedom

In June 2003, the voters in the Czech Republic will go to the ballots to express whether they wish their country to join the European Union. The advocates of liberty will have to consider the impact of such a step on the amount of freedom in the country.

The European Journal Vol. 10 No. 4, 10.02.2003

whole text ->Václav Klaus: A View From Prague

I would dare to say more than that. Not only the current stage, but the entire process of the transition was democratic. All the difficult, untried, unknown and politically costly transformation measures have been done by democratically formed political structures, at least in the Czech republic and in most of Central Europe, where political pluralism, parliamentary democracy, fierce competition and rivalry of political parties, unconstrained and therefore absolute freedom of the media fully dominate (this was probably not the case when we move more to the East or South of Europe).

Europe 2000, 13.09.2000
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